This blog is a brainchild initiative of an individual who envisions himself from a workaholic office employee in a 8-to-5 working hour routine to a workaholic Virtual Professional  working at home while enjoying his quality time with his family. It also envisions himself to fight for freedom from financial woes, office politics and stagnant personal development and transform as a Virtual Professional with a peace of mind.

This blog contains tutorials in which it helps clients in achieving success in their businesses and claim freedom from worries and anxieties.

It also contains personal thoughts and mind-blogging ideas in which it will make an impact in our lives as well.

Come on here! Let’s journey together to FREEDOM!

You may contact me thru the following:

e-mail: journeyofVAtofreedom@gmail.com; ericurbiztondo@gmail.com

Skype: doodziroll

LinkedIn: https://ph.linkedin.com/in/ericurbiztondo